Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I get asked quite often which is my favourite Whimsy Farm Twine colour. Is it like having children, not being able to choose a favourite?

Nope. It's Felicity.

There's a little story behind the names of the Whimsy Farm Twine colours. I used to own a herd of dairy cows - Friesians, the black and white ones. I had about 350. And they all had names. 

Some names were a bit "out there". I mean, I had to come up with 350 different names. I had BellaReena, BellaLuna (they were sisters, their mother was Bella - the pale pink twine), I had a Teddy, I even had a Froggy. I loved them all very much. I had to sell them due to the drought that ravaged the Victorian dairy industry.

Above all others, though, was Felicity. I loved that girl. She was my friend, my confidante. She loved a cuddle, she loved a scratch, she loved lucerne.

So, when it came to naming the twine colour combinations, it was easy. I'd name them after my favourite girls. (This wasn't all that easy, actually - I had lots of favourites!) But my Felicity, I saved her for my favourite colour, the bright pink.

I even call the cow in my logo Felicity. And my favourite twine, I use it all the time. I try to make myself use them all, show them off equally. But I always come back to Felicity.

So there's the story behind the names.
I miss Felicity.
'Til next time,
Angie. xx


  1. What a great story....I see where you are coming from Angie, I also am a Dairy Farmer but we only have 75 now and all our cows are named, they are pedigree, we had a pet cow called Colantha and had to sell her last year she was 18 years old, it was so sad seeing her go in the truck..bit of a tear in the eye

  2. Oh dear, I know how hard it is to see your cows go! I'm glad someone can relate to my story. Give one of your favourites a hug for me. :)

  3. Such a sweet story. Found you through Ah-Tissue's status thread on FB.