Friday, 30 August 2013

A Totally Terrific Twine Tassel Tutorial!

Hello! I love tassels, don't you? I've been including them in the orders I send out lately, and I've been asked a quite a few times now if I could teach you how to make them. Yep, okay!

All you need is twine - personally, I think Whimsy Farm Twine is best, haha! - scissors, and a piece of cardboard. The size of the cardboard is up to you; just decided roughly how long you'd like your tassel and cut out a piece of cardboard double that length.

Okay, twine - check! Scissors - check! Cardboard - check!
Let's go!

The twine I'll be using here is Whimsy Farm Twine Candy.

Start by wrapping the twine around your cardboard lengthwise, over and over you go - I like to wrap mine 40 times around, but if you're making a larger tassel you might want to go around some more. Once you've made one or two you'll know how thick to make the tassels to your liking.

Cut another piece of twine - this will be the, uh, hangy bit for your tassel. Trust me, I'm an expert.

Then, slip the twine off the cardboard and place over the second piece of twine... 

... And tie a knot around the middle of the bunch, nice and tight.

Now, grab your scissors and cut the loops at either end.

Great! Now pick up your soon-to-be tassel and bring all the ends together, so it looks like this:

(Give it a pat so it's nice and smooth!)

You'll need another piece of twine here, so grab your trusty scissors again, and cut a length - this won't need to be very long. You'll wrap that piece of twine around the top of your tassel, say, 1cm from the top perhaps (this depends on the size of your tassel).

Tie that nice and tight - go around twice if you like...

... Then trim those two ends.

Wonderful! All you have to do now is trim the bottom of your tassel, to make it all nice and pretty. And what have you got? You've got your very own tassel! Brilliant!

Easy! And pretty!

Well done. Now go have a cuppa and a Tim Tam. You deserve it.
Angie. xx

Friday, 1 February 2013

Twines for Valentine's

I love Valentine's Day!

I love to see all the pretty pinks, reds and whites, and paper doilies and hearts, and chocolates - oh my, the chocolates!

And, of course, I love to use Whimsy Farm Twine to make my Valentine's gifts all pretty. Whether it's home-baked goodies, a special hand-made card, or a paper heart bunting strung with twine - Whimsy Farm Twine is perfect for Valentine's Day!

If you'd like to win these three spools of Whimsy Farm Twine, head on over to the giveaway on the Facebook page, closing February 8th 2013. Good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day to you - and remember, make love, not war! 
'Til next time,
Angie. xx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

WINNER - A Little Giveaway For The New Year

We have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win these gorgeous cow magnets - and, of course, five spools of Whimsy Farm Twine. I loved reading all your comments and colour suggestions!

Okay, I'll get on with it. The winner is...


Here's Vicki's comment:

And here is the Random Number Generator Thingy:
Congratulations, Vicki! Email me at with your postal address and the FIVE colours you would like to choose from the Whimsy Farm Twine range!

Thank you again, on behalf of both  Angie of Whimsy Farm Twine and Tania of Little Birdy Button - two ladies keeping busy with little businesses while their children sleep. ;-)

Until next time,
Angie. xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Little Giveaway For The New Year

Welcome to 2013! How about a little giveaway to get the year started?

Do you like these cow magnets? Tania - the lovely lady behind Little Birdy Button - has made some magnets using the Whimsy Farm Twine story as inspiration. In case you don't know, all the twines in the Whimsy Farm Twine range are named after cows I used to own as a dairy farmer. And now these cow magnets can be yours! Along with some Whimsy Farm Twine, of course! How does five spools of your choice sound?

The winner can choose five spools out of the whole range - 25 different colour combinations! Visit the Whimsy Farm Twine website to see the whole range.

Little Birdy Button's magnets (and earrings) make lovely little gifts; I gave all the ladies in my family some pretty magnets like these for Christmas - they loved them! 

I have some on my own fridge, too.

So, would you like to be the winner?

Here's the 1, 2, 3 on how to enter: 

1) You must be a liker of the Whimsy Farm Twine Facebook page

2) You must be a liker of the Little Birdy Button Facebook page

3) And you must answer the following question, leaving your comment below: What colours would you put together for a triple-coloured twine? (My questions are never hard, are they?!)

The winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday, the 12th of January at 6pm EDST. This contest is open to Australia residents only, I'm sorry. 
Good luck!

'Til Saturday!
Angie. xx