Friday, 30 August 2013

A Totally Terrific Twine Tassel Tutorial!

Hello! I love tassels, don't you? I've been including them in the orders I send out lately, and I've been asked a quite a few times now if I could teach you how to make them. Yep, okay!

All you need is twine - personally, I think Whimsy Farm Twine is best, haha! - scissors, and a piece of cardboard. The size of the cardboard is up to you; just decided roughly how long you'd like your tassel and cut out a piece of cardboard double that length.

Okay, twine - check! Scissors - check! Cardboard - check!
Let's go!

The twine I'll be using here is Whimsy Farm Twine Candy.

Start by wrapping the twine around your cardboard lengthwise, over and over you go - I like to wrap mine 40 times around, but if you're making a larger tassel you might want to go around some more. Once you've made one or two you'll know how thick to make the tassels to your liking.

Cut another piece of twine - this will be the, uh, hangy bit for your tassel. Trust me, I'm an expert.

Then, slip the twine off the cardboard and place over the second piece of twine... 

... And tie a knot around the middle of the bunch, nice and tight.

Now, grab your scissors and cut the loops at either end.

Great! Now pick up your soon-to-be tassel and bring all the ends together, so it looks like this:

(Give it a pat so it's nice and smooth!)

You'll need another piece of twine here, so grab your trusty scissors again, and cut a length - this won't need to be very long. You'll wrap that piece of twine around the top of your tassel, say, 1cm from the top perhaps (this depends on the size of your tassel).

Tie that nice and tight - go around twice if you like...

... Then trim those two ends.

Wonderful! All you have to do now is trim the bottom of your tassel, to make it all nice and pretty. And what have you got? You've got your very own tassel! Brilliant!

Easy! And pretty!

Well done. Now go have a cuppa and a Tim Tam. You deserve it.
Angie. xx