Monday, 11 June 2012

Twine Party Pictures

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Here are some more pictures from the twine party, as promised. The idea of the twine party was to show different ways to use baker's twine. I experimented a lot; some things worked, some... flopped!

I started with some cupcake toppers. I always start with cupcake toppers.

I had wanted to do string art, but couldn't make the wood and nails look pretty. When I was making my regular printed cupcake toppers I started fooling around with the twine - and suddenly I had string art-twine cupcake toppers!

I have a little craft book that shows how to bind a book with string, so I tried a twine version:

I used twine for the centre of the flower, too.

I got a bit more adventurous and thought I'd wrap some bottles with twine. This took a looong time. I used double-sided stickytape instead of glue, as the glue was too slippery to hold the twine in place easily.

It is effective, but I repeat, it took a looong time.

I found a great little tutorial - - showing how to make some cute little twine heart gift tags. Here is my version:

I think they're pretty! What a sweet idea by Summer Fullerton.

Two more pictures. My favourites.

Here is a plate of cookies. Kate's Cookies - - made me some cookies based on the little cow - Felicity - in my logo. Take a look at these:

Aren't they the most udderly adorable cookies you've ever seen?! Gosh, don't get me started with cow puns. We'll be here for-heifer.

Couldn't help myself.

And finally, here is the Twine Cake. What is a Twine Cake, you ask?

That. That is a Twine Cake.

Isn't it magnificent? One Sweet Girl - - made the cake, the twine flowers, everything. She's a genius! And the cake, by the way, was delicious.

Thank you for letting me share my party.
Til next time, Angie. xx

(There are more photos, of course, and if you want to see those you can head to )


  1. Love that twine cake and your bottles look sensational - worth the time? i think so! Put some colour coordinating flowers in them and they would look great on a desert table.

    1. Oh, I'm glad you like the bottles! They took HOURS. :)

  2. This is simply gorgeous and very unique! Love the twine flowers:)
    (I just thought of a great idea using twine)
    Lynn xx

    1. Thank you Lynn! If you make some twine flowers, I'd love to see them!