Friday, 1 February 2013

Twines for Valentine's

I love Valentine's Day!

I love to see all the pretty pinks, reds and whites, and paper doilies and hearts, and chocolates - oh my, the chocolates!

And, of course, I love to use Whimsy Farm Twine to make my Valentine's gifts all pretty. Whether it's home-baked goodies, a special hand-made card, or a paper heart bunting strung with twine - Whimsy Farm Twine is perfect for Valentine's Day!

If you'd like to win these three spools of Whimsy Farm Twine, head on over to the giveaway on the Facebook page, closing February 8th 2013. Good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day to you - and remember, make love, not war! 
'Til next time,
Angie. xx