Friday, 7 December 2012

Come and Get Your Pretty Baker's Twine!

I love my baker's twine. Whimsy Farm Twine takes up every spare moment of my day - and I love every bit of it. And, it's pretty. I love pretty things. So I took a pretty photo of my pretty twine.

The twine! The colours! The prettiness! 

Here's the Whimsy Farm Twine range in full.

All 25 colours are in there. Twenty five! I couldn't add any more... Could I?

Here's some Christmas for you:

RosalieTabitha and Holly are very popular right now, of course! My favourite colour, though, is pink.

Here's some Whimsy Farm Twine on bobbins - I love this. Pretty!

And my beloved twine pegs. I use these to make my wrapped gifts extra pretty.

I hope you enjoyed that!
Til next time, Angie. xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st Means CHRISTMAS!

December the 1st is an exciting day for me - it means Christmas! 

I get excited once December rolls around. The tree goes up, the Christmas cards start to arrive, and I wrap my carefully chosen gifts. And of course I use Whimsy Farm Twine to make them all pretty!

I love a nicely wrapped gift. And as much as I love to receive a present (who doesn't?!), I think I like to give a pretty package to someone special even more.

I like to use bells on my wrapped Christmas gifts; they're an unexpected little touch of prettiness, and very 'Christmasy'.

A perfect finishing touch for a crafty person is a peg wrapped with a few metres of twine - they'll love it!

Of course, the obvious Whimsy Farm Twine choices this Christmas are HollyRosalie and Tabitha.

Embrace Christmas this year, and take enjoyment from wrapping gifts for your loved ones. 
They'll appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!
Angie. xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Good Golly - We Have A Winner!

Hello! Time to pick a winner for the Good Golly Giveaway - the winner receives four spools of 
Whimsy Farm Twine in the brand new colours Dolly, Holly, Molly & Dolly!

So! Off to I go...

And the winner is...

Comment Number 25! Which, if my counting is correct 
(I counted twice!) is...

 Jess! Congratulations, Jess!
(So sorry the image is tiny! Go to the original Giveaway post to read the entry, if you like.)
Email me at with your delivery details, and I'll get your twine out to you.

To everyone else, thank you so much for entering, and for sharing your Christmas memories with all of us. I loved reading each and every one!

Til next time,
Angie. xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Good Golly - A Giveaway!

Hello there!
Look what I have here... A basket FULL of Whimsy Farm Twine! And in bright, fun and NEW colours!

Would you like to meet the girls? Yes?

Alrighty, first up we have... Dolly!

Dolly is a vibrant blue twine - no white here, just full on colour! I once had a cow named Dolly, and she was the sweetest girl I'd ever met. Always the first in the dairy too, for a scratch and some extra feed snuck here and there. 

Next we have Holly...

I think I'm in love. This green twine is just delightful to look at! Holly the cow was a bit of a kicker in the dairy, but otherwise lovely... This colour has a bit of kick to it, so I thought it was appropriate! Also, Holly being green and Christmas-y... I thought it was a good fit.

Who's next? Let's see...

Molly! So pretty! This is so girly, I think she might be popular with Mummies of little girls. Molly the cow was a sweet little thing with the longest eyelashes, she was very pretty - just like this twine.

And lastly we have - can you guess? 
We've had Dolly, Holly and Molly...

Polly! Pretty Purple Polly.
Polly got to be an old cow, and she kept the young ones in line. She loved me, though!

So there you go - Whimsy Farm Twine's new colours! Exciting!

To celebrate the new colours 
(and my 1000 likers on Facebook - thank you so much!)
I'm giving away the four new colours to ONE lucky winner!

All you have to do is comment below with a happy 
Christmas-related memory - to get us all in the Christmas spirit! The winner will be drawn randomly using on Saturday the 24th of November at 7pm EST.

Also - and you don't have to do this to enter the giveaway - if you could share the Whimsy Farm Twine Facebook Page with your crafty friends, it'd be 'udderly' appreciated! And to those who have done so already, thank you so, so much. I'm just an ordinary little lady, juggling twine - so much twine! - with being a Mummy to three children (3, 2 and 1), and the lovely comments I get blow me away. Thank you all.

Good luck!

Twined-Up Parcels

I use twine every day to finish off my parcels. I love the idea of a customer opening their package and finding it wrapped like a little gift.

Whimsy Farm Twine Nellie is perfect for my parcels wrapped in brown paper; Nellie also matches just about any gift tag I attach, so she gets used quite a bit!

The blue-and-grey and pink-and-grey combinations of EllaBlue and EllieRose always make me think of elephants, so I made some little elephant gift tags to go with them.

And of course the red-and-black LadyBird is just meant for ladybirds!

Moustaches are everywhere now, aren't they? While I'm not a fan of the real thing (!) I do love some pretty little paper moustaches, pictured here with Whimsy Farm Twine Bessie.

Finally, my favourite colour at the moment - orange! So fresh and vibrant, Clementine brightens my mood every time I use it.

I've been sending so many parcels out lately though, that I'll soon have to devote a day to gift tag-making! (This isn't a problem, my favourite way to relax is by making gift tags... possibly with a bag of Clinkers by my side.) 

Til next time,
Angie. xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

We Have a Winner!

... We have a winner of the three new Whimsy Farm Twine girls, Nellie, Kayla and Winona!

I included entries from both the Facebook post and the corresponding blog post, and the winner is...


Congratulations, Kylie! I hope you have lots of fun with Nellie, Kayla and Winona.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I had a lot of fun reading your entries.

Until next time,
Angie. xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

THREE New Whimsy Farm Twine Colours!

Hello, Twinesters!

Today I'd like to introduce you to the latest additions to the Whimsy Farm Twine 'herd'. We have three new girls joining us, so please make them welcome...

Winona, Kayla and Nellie!

These are not available for sale yet (that will be Saturday the 20th of October). However, to WIN one each of these three new colours, comment on this post with something happy - ONE winner will be drawn randomly at 6pm, Saturday the 20th of October and announced right here on the Whimsy Farm Twine blog.

There is a post on the Facebook page that lots of lovely people have been commenting on - all these comments are included as entrants.

Good luck! ~Angie

Friday, 5 October 2012

Whimsy Farm Twine at Jindivick

Hello! I'm taking Whimsy Farm Twine on the road again - this time to Jindivick for the Farmers' Market.

The market is tomorrow, Saturday the 6th of October, and starts at 8am.

I hope, I hope, it doesn't rain. It seems to rain every time I have a stall!

But this time, I'm taking this little fella with me.

I found this while I was taking a photo of my twine in a bike - as you do!

So luck should be on my side. Thank you, 4-leaf clover!

As well as selling the 100 metre spools, I'll also be selling 5 metre lengths of twine - not everyone needs 100 metres of twine, right?

And I'll be taking along some gift tags and other papery-whatnots that I like to make.

I love markets!

'Til next time,
Angie. xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Whimsy Farm Twine - PENELOPE

Hello! Today the spotlight is on  Whimsy Farm Twine in Penelope.

I styled a party on the weekend 
(with my Whimsy Farm Parties hat on)... 

and Penelope was featured here and there.


... and there!

Penelope was perfect for this party, as it had a pig theme. 
In fact, this was a pignic.
The pink, white and brown twine had me thinking of muddy pigs!

The Penelope twine was used to hang the paper bunting.

Here's a close-up of Penelope (with a party peg).

My favourite Penelope picture is this one: 

A Penelope twine spool vase! Perfect for a piggy pink Carnation.

Remember, I love to receive your photos of the different ways you all use Whimsy Farm Twine!

Until next time,
Angie. xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Whimsy Farm Twine - HANNAH

I introduced five new colours to the  Whimsy Farm Twine  range last week, and the results are in -  Hannah  is the most popular!

I must say, I'm a little surprised. I like the blue, green and white combination, but I thought the bright pink, pale pink and purple twine ( Amelia ) would be the winner. But I'm a pink girl!

I've used Hannah here to pretty-up some gifts.  

And looking at that picture, Hannah could be moving up on my list of favourites!

So there we have it - some Hannah in action for you.

Happy Twine-ing!

Til next time,
Angie. xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FIVE New Twine Colours!

Today is a very exciting day for me - I'm adding FIVE new colour combinations to the Whimsy Farm Twine range!

I'm nearly giddy with happiness. I love these colours. I really can't choose a favourite. Let me introduce you to Hannah.

Hannah is made up of pale blue, green and white. Hannah is named after a lovely cow I used to own, who was always cool and calm in the face of a crisis. (Hannah had bad hips and would sometimes fall down awkwardly - she was always very patient with me while I tried to stand her up.) I find this colour combination feels calming.

Next we have Penelope.

Penelope is pale pink, brown and white, and named after a spotty brown and white cow with a pink (also spotty) nose, who just loved a scratch along the neck.

And now we have Annabelle.

Annabelle wasn't bright pink, aqua and white! She was all black (unusual for a Holstein) apart from a white tip at the end of her tail. She was gorgeous! I think this twine is gorgeous, too!

The next 'girl' I'd like to introduce you to is Matilda

Red, white and blue twine! Just last week I was asking what you would call a red, white and blue twine. I received so many wonderful suggestions (Dame Edna, anyone?) but my favourite (and possibly most often suggested) was Matilda. Which suits me fine, as I had a cow named Matilda. She had great big long legs and was almost as spotty as a dalmatian. Her father was called Luckystrike, and he had plenty of spotty daughters. For those that wanted to know.

And lastly, I think this one could be my favourite. Because as soon as I saw it I went "Ooooh!"

I give you... Amelia

Amelia is made up of bright pink, pale pink and pale purple. I've been wanting this combination for a long time, but I never thought it be this pretty! So pretty! I love it. Amelia was a very sweet cow of mine; she was nothing special on paper but she was mine, and she was so, so sweet.

Here's the a shot of the 'herd' all together.

I hope you like the new colours as much as I do!
Angie. xx