Thursday, 22 November 2012

Twined-Up Parcels

I use twine every day to finish off my parcels. I love the idea of a customer opening their package and finding it wrapped like a little gift.

Whimsy Farm Twine Nellie is perfect for my parcels wrapped in brown paper; Nellie also matches just about any gift tag I attach, so she gets used quite a bit!

The blue-and-grey and pink-and-grey combinations of EllaBlue and EllieRose always make me think of elephants, so I made some little elephant gift tags to go with them.

And of course the red-and-black LadyBird is just meant for ladybirds!

Moustaches are everywhere now, aren't they? While I'm not a fan of the real thing (!) I do love some pretty little paper moustaches, pictured here with Whimsy Farm Twine Bessie.

Finally, my favourite colour at the moment - orange! So fresh and vibrant, Clementine brightens my mood every time I use it.

I've been sending so many parcels out lately though, that I'll soon have to devote a day to gift tag-making! (This isn't a problem, my favourite way to relax is by making gift tags... possibly with a bag of Clinkers by my side.) 

Til next time,
Angie. xx

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