Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st Means CHRISTMAS!

December the 1st is an exciting day for me - it means Christmas! 

I get excited once December rolls around. The tree goes up, the Christmas cards start to arrive, and I wrap my carefully chosen gifts. And of course I use Whimsy Farm Twine to make them all pretty!

I love a nicely wrapped gift. And as much as I love to receive a present (who doesn't?!), I think I like to give a pretty package to someone special even more.

I like to use bells on my wrapped Christmas gifts; they're an unexpected little touch of prettiness, and very 'Christmasy'.

A perfect finishing touch for a crafty person is a peg wrapped with a few metres of twine - they'll love it!

Of course, the obvious Whimsy Farm Twine choices this Christmas are HollyRosalie and Tabitha.

Embrace Christmas this year, and take enjoyment from wrapping gifts for your loved ones. 
They'll appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!
Angie. xx

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