Friday, 7 December 2012

Come and Get Your Pretty Baker's Twine!

I love my baker's twine. Whimsy Farm Twine takes up every spare moment of my day - and I love every bit of it. And, it's pretty. I love pretty things. So I took a pretty photo of my pretty twine.

The twine! The colours! The prettiness! 

Here's the Whimsy Farm Twine range in full.

All 25 colours are in there. Twenty five! I couldn't add any more... Could I?

Here's some Christmas for you:

RosalieTabitha and Holly are very popular right now, of course! My favourite colour, though, is pink.

Here's some Whimsy Farm Twine on bobbins - I love this. Pretty!

And my beloved twine pegs. I use these to make my wrapped gifts extra pretty.

I hope you enjoyed that!
Til next time, Angie. xx

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  1. Very pretty! I really need to decide which colours I want and order some. Twenty five to choose from though, yikes! Lovely, all of them.