Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Whimsy Farm Twine Market Wrap-Up

Hi there! 

So, I took Whimsy Farm Twine along to the Akoonah Park Market in Berwick on Sunday. It was wet, it was cold - but it was fun! I love markets! And, I was placed right next door to a strawberry stand. Heaven! I ate plenty of those between talking to visitors. Here's my stand.

I also had my Whimsy Farm Parties items - cupcake toppers, gift tags, bit n pieces. So that makes up half the table - the other half was all twine. Spools! 5 metre samples! Multipacks! Twine!

A suitcase full of twine.

A wheelbarrow full of twine. (Love my wheelbarrow!)

And my Whimsy Farm Twine girls themselves. The favourite on the day? LadyBird.

I think the favourite item on the whole table, though, was this:

The lolly jar. Kids were spotting that baby from 100 metres away.

Can't wait to do it again!
'Til next time,
Angie. xx

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