Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hello again!

I've recently joined Pinterest. I held off for a while. Do I really need to be on Pinterest?

Oh, yes. Yes I do.

So many fabulous ideas! D.I.Y.s, tutorials, inspiration - oh my!

Of course, my first search was for twine. Anything, everything, twine. I found twine dispensers, twine decorations, twine flowers... I found this flower repinned by Mara Magali, and her link leads

And I found these cute little twine lanterns, repinned by Amy Schaet, which will lead you to 

Of course, I couldn't resist putting up a picture of my own, which I pinned right here.

If I only looked for twine on Pinterest I probably wouldn't waste much of my 
increasingly-rare-time-to-myself time - but I can't stop at twine. The craft! The ideas! The CAKES!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes, anyone? Delicious! I mustn't! I can't!

Oh, I will.

'Til next time,
Angie. xx

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